Events with Alcohol

The Greek Life Office (GLO) is the office that oversees all social fraternities and sororities. All organizations with the GLO must adhere to all policies related to Events with Alcohol, both GLO policies that include FIPG as well as the Health Promotion & Prevention Services (HPPS) policies that includes "Procedures for Events with Alcohol" and "Alcohol Beverage Consumption and Distribution (ABCD)" policy.

The following links are policies organizations must adhere to:

  • Procedures for Events with Alcohol. Officers are encourage to read the Procedures in detail. Here are a few reminders:
    • Must Complete the "Registration for Events with Alcohol" form within OrgSync at least nine (9) business days before event
    • Must email all contracts (Venue, Catering, etc) to your Council Advisor
    • Must be either a BYOB, Drink Ticket, or Third Party Vendor (Cash-Bar) system
    • If using a Third-Party Vendor (Cash-Bar) system, the contract must not state "Alcohol/Beverage Minimum"
    • Under no circumstance may a fraternity/sorority may purchase alcohol with chapter funds to provide alcohol to guests
    • Must have a 1:25 ratio for Sober Monitors to Guests in attendance
    • Per FIPG, page 23, events with alcohol cannot exceed 4 hours
    • Food and non-alcoholic beverages must be available for guests
    • Drinking contests or games of any kind are not allowed at registered events
  • Alcohol Beverage Consumption and Distribution (ABCD)
  • Fraternal Information and Programming Group (FIPG)
  • Common Venues for Events with Alcohol