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The Interfraternity Council (IFC) conducts membership recruitment via a deferred recruitment process meaning that all students interested in joining an IFC fraternity must have first completed 12 GW credit hours, thus, transfer students are ineligible to participate in recruitment. In addition, all students must have a GW cumulative GPA of a 2.5 or higher in order to register as a potential new member (PNM). There are no exceptions to this policy. In order to facilitate the recruitment process, the IFC conducts a formal recruitment period for all interested students once they return to campus in the spring and an informal process in the fall, with some organizations taking advantage of an informal process following formal recruitment in spring.


FORMAL RECRUITMENT: Formal recruitment begins as a semi-open process, with men visiting only the chapters that interest them over the course of five rounds (days). Specifically, fraternities will organize various evening events/activities to allow PNMs a space to get to know the current members. In addition, will educate all interested PNMs on their specific membership requirements. Chapters via the IFC’s registration software Campus Director (CD) offer electronic invitations to PNMs to return to subsequent rounds should a mutual interest/connection be made. After the 5th (and final) round, fraternities have the opportunity to extend bids (invitations to join the fraternity). Bids will be extended electronically via CD at 12:01am the Saturday following the last round.

To facilitate the formal recruitment process, chapters are separated into two recruitment groups (Group A & Group B). Each recruitment group is designated 5 specific calendar days of recruitment over a 2 week period. Chapters typically will choose to host semi-open recruitment events during 3 of the 5 days with the last 2 days typically being restricted (closed) to registered candidates ONLY. Chapters are separated into these 2 recruitment groups to allow for an even distribution of events during recruitment and to allow interested men the opportunity to attend as many semi-open events as possible. Please note that in order to be invited to a chapter’s final closed event you MUST be REGISTERED.

INFORMAL RECRUITMENT: Informal refers to the fact that this type of recruitment is carried out solely between the chapters and the PNMs. What this means is that it is up to chapters and the PNMs to find ways to learn more about each other without it being formally orchestrated by the IFC. This is typically done via informal meet and greets or individually scheduled chapter events (see chapter’s OrgSync/ website for details).

Some chapters begin their informal recruitment process following the formal process in spring as a way to obtain additional spring new members. However, some will not take additional members in spring and instead participate in the fall informal recruitment process in order to obtain upperclassmen for a separate fall new member class. Some chapters will only participate as a way to get an early start on recruitment for a spring new member class. Others will participate in an informal process recruiting both in spring following the formal process as well as conduct activities to recruit upperclassmen in the fall. Some chapters will choose not to participate, instead solely rely on recruiting new members during the formal process in spring.

The choice to participate in informal recruitment will depend on the organization, as it will change from year to year. Many chapters will base their decision on how well recruitment has gone for them the prior year, their chapter’s governing documents, and/or their organizations commitment to year-round recruitment. In general it’s best to just ask the organization you're interested in as to what type of recruitment they traditionally participate in. 

To participate in a chapter’s informal process you should follow the following:

  1. Fill out the IFCs Informal Recruitment Information Form (contact the VP Recruitment/visit the IFC recruitment website for details).
  2. Visit the chapter’s OrgSync page and/or personal websites/social media pages and contact the chapters of interest by emailing the chapter’s President and/or Recruitment Officer if listed.
  3. Attend chapter/IFC recruitment events as they become available.
  4. Work with the organization you are interested in to fill out any/all necessary paperwork required prior to bid acceptance by the GW Greek Life Office and/or the chapter’s National/International office.
  5. Eventually chapters might extend you a formal invitation (bid) to join their organization. When and if you receive one or more bids –decide on a single chapter and accept.  Once that is done, the recruitment process is finished. 

Though the processes for formal and informal recruitment may vary in style, the rules and intended outcomes are the same, both processes showcase the values and principles the organizations upholds. This serves to help you narrow your search, thereby, finding the organization that is of best fit.   

IFC REGISTRATION: Currently there is no registration fee required to participate in either Formal or Informal Recruitment. However, students interested in Formal Recruitment will need to register by completing the online registration. Registration for recruitment is MANDATORY; meaning that you cannot participate in recruitment and be accepted into a chapter unless you’ve registered online.

IFC RECRUITMENT GUIDE: Annual publication of the George Washington Interfraternity Council focused on our community stats, individual chapter information, IFC structure, common Greek terminology, FAQs, and our recruitment processes and procedures.



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