First and foremost, recognized Greek organizations are expected to uphold all policies and regulations of the George Washington University. It is recommended that all officers of member chapters familiarize themselves with university policies and resources:

Occasionally, the need arises for community specific policies to be created. The following is a compilation of the Office of Greek Life policies that have been created over the past few years:

Events with Alcohol

The university Alcoholic Beverage Consumption and Distribution (ABCD) policy clearly states that Greek organizations are required to host either a BYOB or third party vendor event. Under no circumstances may a fraternity or sorority use chapter funds to provide alcohol to guests. All events with alcohol must be registered with the Center for Alcohol and other Drug Education according to their published procedures.

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Student Organization Registration Provisions for Fraternities and Sororities

Official registration of fraternities and sororities will be managed by the the Center for Student Engagement as part of the process of registering all student organizations at the George Washington University.

Fraternities and sororities must complete the student organization on-line registration process each year.

  • Must designate one member as the “chapter president.”
  • A minimum of two current GW students are required to complete the on-line registration process.

If a chapter falls below two current GW students as active members, and it continues to meet the requirements to remain active with its inter/national organization, the chapter will have three academic semesters to return its membership to two or more before losing recognition and registration privileges.

Each fraternity/sorority is required to maintain membership in one of the established campus umbrella councils, as applicable: Panhellenic Association, Inter-Fraternity Council (IFC), or Multicultural Greek Council (MGC).

Each fraternity/sorority must be formally affiliated with an inter/national fraternity/sorority.

Each inter/national fraternity/sorority must:

  • be incorporated
  • operate under the provisions of Title IX of the Educational Amendments and IRS Code Title 26, 501.c.3, which permits the organization to exclusively admit men or women
  • provide a current certificate of liability insurance with a minimum of $1 million coverage
  • provide a copy of the organization’s anti-hazing policies

Each fraternity/sorority seeking registration must be in good standing with its inter/national organization.

Each fraternity/sorority must have the following on file with the Office of Greek Life:

  • Certification of distribution and review of the GW Anti-Hazing Policy
  • The chapter’s New Member Education Program and Calendar (prior to the start of a new member period each semester)
  • An accurate roster of new and active members (The name and GWID for new members should be submitted within 48 hours after acceptance of a bid)

Each fraternity/sorority must adhere to the provisions of its governing documents, inter/national organization policies and procedures, the governing documents of the applicable umbrella council, and the GW Code of Student Conduct.

Fraternities/Sororities who have previously had active chapters at the George Washington University must have their organization’s status reviewed by the Office of Greek Life office and the Division of Student Affairs prior to re-establishing as a registered student organization. Fraternities/Sororities seeking to re-establish as a registered student organization must be in good financial standing with GW.

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Academic Standing of Individual Members

In accordance to university policy, all members of student organizations must maintain a minimum 2.0 cumulative grade point average. In the event that an individual's cumulative GPA falls below a 2.0, that person must be placed on academic probation with the chapter. It is the chapter's responsibility to define academic probation. Academic probation could include: severely limiting the member's activity within the chapter - including barring the individual from holding any position in the chapter, reducing the amount of "required" events for the member to attend or participate in, social probation - exclusion from all social functions, a tutoring/buddy system with another member of the same major, educational programs for the chapter, study hours, etc. The focus should be on making it significantly easier for the member to focus on academics (rather than the chapter) for the semester.

In the event that said individual's cumulative GPA rises above a 2.0 after the probationary semester, the probation is lifted and activity may resume as the chapter and individual see fit. If the member's cumulative GPA does not rise above a 2.0, the member must become inactive in the chapter and disaffiliate. Disaffiliation means that the individual can have no involvement within the chapter what so ever. This disaffiliation is required until the member's cumulative GPA rises above a 2.0. In the event that a chapter has set a minimum GPA higher than that of the University, the chapter may operate according to its own guidelines.

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New Member Class Academic Standing

Each new member class must have an average semester GPA of a minimum 2.5 (i.e. individual new members may fall below a 2.5, but not a 2.0, as long as the average for all the new members is a 2.5 or higher). In the event that a fraternity or sorority new member class does not earn the minimum, said chapter is placed on probation for one semester with the Greek Life Office. Such probation can include social probation, programming requirements, and more. If a consecutive violation occurs, the chapter could face loss of new member class for the following semester.

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Chapter Advisors

All student organizations are required to have an advisor in order to be recognized as registered student organizations with the George Washington University. For the purposes of the Center for Student Engagement registration process, the Greek Advisor and Assistant Program Coordinator can/should sign all university paperwork and represent all Greek-letter student organizations as advisors. Within the Office of Greek Life, all fraternities and sororities are required to have a minimum of one alumni advisor for the chapter. This individual must be recognized by the National organization as a representative of the fraternity or sorority. Advisors are expected to be actively involved with the chapter and available to the Office of Greek Life for correspondence, regular meetings, etc.

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Chapter Events

Fraternities and sororities, as recognized organizations of the George Washington University, represent the university in events hosted by the chapter. Of particular concern are those events in which utilize university funding (either chapter-related or council funds), such as, for recruitment or community wide programs and events. Therefore, all events sponsored by recognized fraternities and sororities must be appropriate in nature and of good taste.

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Recruitment / New Member Intake

All chapters must obtain council and university authorization to host any recruitment event, including formal parties, interest sessions, etc. MGC and NPHC chapters must have written authorization from the Office of Greek Life and their respective national or international organization prior to beginning the Intake process.

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New Member Education

All chapters are to provide the Office of Greek Life with the new member program schedule, including dates of Inspiration Week, activities planned (particularly during "I" week), date of initiation, etc. Information should be provided in writing or via email prior to the acceptance of new members each semester.

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Each member chapter of the GW Greek community is expected to submit paperwork to the Office of Greek Life in a timely fashion. Examples of required information include, but are not limited to: chapter rosters, new member rosters/ grade release forms, student organization registration forms, advisor information, new member education schedules, officer lists, event registration forms, etc.

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